The Sixth National Scientific Conference – The Third International

Under the patronage of the President of the University of Karbala, Prof. Dr. Bassem Khalil Al-Saeedi, and under the supervision of the Dean of the College of Education for Pure Sciences, Prof. Dr. Hamida Idan Salman, the College of Education for Pure Sciences / University of Karbala held the Sixth National – Third International Scientific Conference

The conference, which was held in the midst of distinguished academic attendance, included 212 accepted papers and was distributed in four axes (the mathematics axis 118 research, the life sciences axis 41 research, the chemistry axis 27 research, and the physics axis 26 papers, which will be published in the international AIP publishing magazine within the Scopus container, will also contribute In developing the classification of Iraqi universities through their researchers participating in the conference.

Vice president for scientific affairs Prof. Najem Abdulhussein Najem clarify that the importance of the research participating in the conference and how to benefit from it in the practical scientific aspects, that it will lead to raising the scientific level of Karbala University among its international counterparts, as well as the application of research outcomes in some aspects of practical life, in a way that contributes to community service in Karbala Governorate.