The Curriculum Vitae of Vice President for Scientific Affairs

Vice President of Kerbala University for Scientific Affairs

Full name: Najem Abdulhussain Najem

Nationality: Iraqi

Marital status: Married

Languages: Arabic and English

Current workplace: Kerbala University – Vice president for scientific affairs

Scientific title: Professor

Affiliation: College of Engineering / Department of Petroleum Engineering

Years of service: (38) years


Degrees :

  • Bachelor of Earth Science / University of Mosul 1980
  • Master of Geophysics / Baghdad University 1988
  • PhD in Geophysics and Remote Sensing / University of Baghdad 1997

Positions Held:

  • Rapporteur of the Survey Department / Technical Institute – Basrah – Iraq
  • Acting Head of Survey Department / Technical Institute – Basrah – Iraq
  • Director of the Computer Technical Center – Kerbala – Iraq
  • Member of the Engineering Consulting Office at the Kerbala Technical Institute
  • Head of Computer Systems Department / Technical Institute – Kerbala – Iraq
  • Head of Higher Professional Center for Marine Fishing – Sabratha – Libya
  • Head of Computer Branch / College of Education / University of Kerbala – Kerbala – Iraq
  • Head of the Computer Department / College of Science / University of Kerbala – Kerbala – Iraq
  • Director of the Scientific Advisory Office at the College of Science / University of Kerbala
  • Member of the University Council of Kerbala / representative of the teaching staff
  • Dean of the College of Education for Pure Sciences / University of Kerbala
  • Vice President for Scientific Affairs Kerbala University since December 19, 2019

Subjects have been taught:

  • Undergraduate studies: general geology –remote sensing – geographic information systems (GIS) – computer principles – systems analysis – databases – marine physics – maps – operating systems – image processing – structural geology – petroleum geology
  • Postgraduate studies: advanced geophysics – applied geophysics – scientific English – seminars –remote sensing – geographic information systems.

Supervision of postgraduate students:

  • 11 Masters
  • 3 PhDs

Published research:

  • (24) Research Published

Scientific conferences in which he participates:

  • (27) including 12 international (2 Baghdad + Libya + Cairo + Tunisia + Malaysia + 2 Iran + 4 Kerbala) in addition to a large number of specialized and non-specialized conferences that are not documented.

Areas of study interest:

  • Remote sensing
  • Geophysics and exploration of natural resources –
  • Petroleum geology.
  • Tectonic geology.
  • Geographic information systems (GIS).
  • Image processing .

Other social and service activities:

  • President of the University Professors ’Syndicate in the Holy Kerbala Governorate and a member of the Administrative Board of the Teachers Syndicate – Kerbala Branch 2006-2010
  • Coordinator of the Prime Minister’s Office for the Educational Initiative for the Holy Kerbala Governorate.
  • An advisory member of the Committee for the Protection of the Holy City of Kerbala.
  • Member of the Committee to register the antiquities of the Holy Kerbala Governorate in the World Heritage.
  • Scientific advisor to the Center for Studies and Research of the Imam Hussain Holy shrine.
  • A scientific consultant for drilling water wells for agricultural projects of the Imam Hussain Holy shrine.
  • Member of the Advisory Board for Alternative Drinking Water Resources in the Holy Kerbala Governorate (Saqi Project) of the Abbasid Holy Shrine.
  • Member of the Iraqi Geologists Syndicate.
  • Member of the Iraqi Computer Society.
  • Member of the discussion committee for (23) postgraduate students (9 Masters + 14 PhD)

Number of thanks received:

Grand total = 94

  • 7 From the minister and from his grade
  • 3 from deputy minister and who is of his grade
  • 31 university presidents
  • 41 deans
  • 12 from different NGO institutions and organizations