Assistant President for Scientific Affairs word

Prof. Dr. Najem Abdulhussein Najem , Vice President of Karbala University for Scientific Affairs

In the name of the Allah

After relying on God … the Scientific Assistant Office, with its scientific departments, and administrative staff, striving to raise the awareness of science and scientific research inside and outside the University of Karbala, towards progress and advancement, which in turn contributes to the achievement of the university’s basic tasks, namely:

  • Education.
  • Science Research.
  • Community Service.

Such progress achieves by providing the appropriate atmosphere for it, which we believe represent:

  • Firstly: the advanced teaching staff.
  • Secondly: sober teaching curricula.
  • Thirdly: Modern scientific and cultural resources.

The contents of the above three elements can be achieved through:

I. Sending qualified faculty and outstanding graduates to complete their studies in prestigious international universities that occupy good and advanced positions in the global accredited rankings such as (Qs, Shanghai, Times, etc.) in addition to Iraqi ethnic universities.

II. Holding cooperative agreements with accredited international universities besides activating mutual activities, such as (international scientific conferences, mutual courses and seminars, mutual supervision of graduate students, mutual researchers, visiting professor, research fellowships …etc.).

III. Holding scientific conferences, scientific and development courses, seminars, and workshops, supporting the participation of teaching and administrative staff.

IV. Developing libraries, as well as updating and linking them with virtual scientific libraries through paragraph II.

Fourthly : Supporting and developing the scientific research by means of scientific strategies that aimed to provide technological progress of the country, with a focus on research that seeks to address scientific, social and other problems facing the public and private sectors and all aspects that serves society.

Fifthly: Providing appropriate classroom and laboratory rooms and equipping them with the appropriate equipment and devices in line with the requirements of modernity, through cooperation and consultation with the faculties’ deanship and their staff.

Sixthly: Developing plans to ensure the development of e-learning skills for teaching staff at various levels to keep pace with the needs and requirements of the times in order to provide knowledge to the largest number of beneficiaries.

Seventhly: establishing qualification and developmental courses for the graduates and following their affairs. Besides, taking into consideration the technological and scientific ideas for the whole of Iraqi society and activating its role to transfor it into a scientific research projects, so as to achieve benefits.

All of the above aims to reach a high and universally accepted level of quality to elevate our beloved university to the class of global classifications approved for universities. The work with God almighty permission with all our powerful to make our university a center for scientific and cultural radiation and a lofty academic edifice that attracts students from within and outside borders. All than by the efforts of the sponsors of this university and its sons, in a manner befitting the sacred city of Karbala, its ancient history, its lofty Islamic symbols and its great ideological depth, since it is a destination for millions of free people.

Prof. Dr. Najem Abdulhussain Najem

Vice President of Karbala University for Scientific Affairs